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An HVAC discharge line carries pressurized liquid refrigerant out of the compressor to the condenser in your HVAC system. Over time, the gaskets that seal the refrigerant hoses can break down and leak refrigerant. Check for issues with your discharge line, like traces of refrigerant or signs of physical damage. 

If you live in Denver, Colorado Springs, Sherrelwood, Fort Collins, or throughout the Colorado area and are having issues with your HVAC discharge line, then WaterDamageDenver.Net is the company to count on. Our advanced equipment and skilled, experienced technicians provide superior, affordable service. Call WaterDamageDenver.Net today at 720-669-8781 or contact us online to learn more about HVAC discharge line repair or any other assistance you might need.

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  • Heater & air conditioning (HVAC) unit leak repair
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  • More than 40 years experience in water damage mitigation

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Call WaterDamageDenver.Net immediately for emergency HVAC discharge line repair services at 720-669-8781 or contact us online. To minimize damage, never hesitate to call our Denver, CO HVAC and water damage restoration experts as soon as you experience HVAC issues, plumbing leaks or flooding after a major freeze event. We provide water extraction, cleanup, drying, dehumidification and other restoration as part of our burst pipe damage cleanup process. 

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